Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Fecal Matters

Look, I know this article is a bit old, but, come on – do intros like this really ever go bad??

Looking out for No. 2: Dogs sniff out fecal pollution at Jersey Shore

Can't do better than this intro:
"Some specially trained dogs are helping humans curb themselves.

"A company that has trained dogs to recognize the smell of human fecal bacteria has been sniffing out sources of water pollution nationwide, discovering broken sewer pipes, leaking septic tanks and illegal sewage discharges, to the delight of environmental groups and government agencies.

"The dogs are trained to ignore fecal bacteria from animals, and customers often try to trick them (unsuccessfully) during evaluations of the company. Waterway contamination from bird, wild animal and pet waste is also a significant source of water pollution.

"After the dogs found an upstream source of sewage from a faulty septic tank, repairs were made, and the beach saw much fewer closures, Haley said."

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