Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Consumer Congruence

Hikaru Cho
Here's a random olfactory fact for you:

Consumer satisfaction increased when the store had (low-arousal) lavender and relaxing music or (high-arousal) grapefruit and energizing music; by contrast, no effect was registered when there was a mismatch between music and smell.

Mattila, A. S., and Wirtz, J. 2001. Congruency of scent and music as a driver of in-store evaluations and behavior. Journal of Retailing 77(2):273–289.

Pleasant ambient stimuli are perceived more positively when their arousing qualities match rather than mismatch

We manipulated scent and music in a 3 (no music, pleasant low arousal and high arousal music) by 3 (no scent, pleasant low and high arousal scents) factorial design in a field setting. Our findings show that when ambient scent and music are congruent with each other in terms of their arousing qualities, consumers rate the environment significantly more positive, exhibit higher levels of approach and impulse buying behaviors, and experience enhanced satisfaction than when these environmental cues were at odds with each other.

Image source: Hikaru Cho

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