Saturday, April 8, 2017

Music, Maps, and Categorgonzola

(highlighting my own personal favorite genre-neighborhood, the drum n bass part of town)

A Dizzying Infographic Traipses Through 146 Years of Music

A polymathic Belgian architect named Kwinten Crauwels has created a map worthy of praise for anyone who stays up at night thinking about how to articulate vast networks of cultural products.

The Music Map is an “interactive infographic that maps the definitions, relationships, and sub-genres of the last 146 years of pop music.

 It’s formally called “Genealogy and History of Popular Music Genres from Origin till Present (1870-2016)” and it’s creator certainly echoes my own struggles to organize the language of smell:

“You can never create the ultimate genre map—there is no such thing, because it’s a sociological reality, not a scientific one,” Crauwels says. “But you can at least create a very good approximation, so people can learn more.” He’s right; Crauwels has built a chart that’s actually chart-worthy.

On Vague Notions of Accuracy
-About the confusion matrix, a great starting point for anyone who is trying to organize things, but is ultimately doomed to failure.

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