Saturday, May 6, 2017

Case Closed

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It doesn’t matter, when people want to believe something is true, it’s true. So you can keep buying mind-controlling perfumes all you want. Maybe it gives you confidence. And confidence is sexy, right? Right??

I can’t help but recall an article sent to me by a friend, it was from Cosmopolitan magazine, about a girl who made a perfume out of her vaginal secretions and then “experimented” with its effects, concluding that it may or may not have worked (science, in the world of Cosmo).

Anyway, something to know when considering pheromones. Humans and animals differ in the way the smell because we do not have a functioning vomeronasal organ. This is the "other" nose-brain. Pheromones, which are mind-controlling chemosignals, will make, uncontrollably, a female pig assume a mounting position in waiting for a male pig (because in the presence of this particular pig sex pheromone, she assumes she is also in the presence of a sex-minded male pig). She can't control her reaction; it's hardwired, and hard-wired means vomeronasal smelling. We don't smell that way.

In fact, one of the things that makes smell so interesting, for humans at least, is that there is no hardwiring, for anything. Kids need to be told that bad smells are bad (m'kay?). As well, adults need to learn that good smells are good. This doesn't mean that some smells can seem to take over your mind and body.

For me, the smell of spraypaint (and thus my younger years as a graffiti writer) makes me crazy, literally sparking a rush of adrenaline through my body that simulates the 'running from the cops' body-state normally associated with that smell. For you, the smell of your early-twenties sex partner (the one associated with daily, consistent, persistent, uncontrollable animal sex) might make you feel some kind of way. Unfortunately (or fortunately) you can't buy that smell in the paint aisle at Home Depot). Bottom line is, you also can't buy that smell on a website that promises eternal sex magnet status.

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