Monday, May 1, 2017

Waiting for Both

How is this meme both ‘why not both’ and ‘aliens’ at the same time? Because both.

Mar 2017, BBC

“IBM has made its quantum computing system commercially available to businesses and beefed up an existing system used by the research community. … The firm is hoping to boost the numbers of people able to use such computers.”

The thing that makes quantum computers special is superpositioning, which is when a bit is both one and zero at the same time (and these bits are called qubits). Kind of like the smell of isovaleric acid, which is considered both good and bad ‘at the same time,’ or in other words, when one hundred people are asked what is smells like, half say really good and half say really bad, and this is more than uncommon in the world of smells that people – or a population rather – would be so split on such extreme responses

Anyway, imagine a day when every person has their very own personal quantum computer in their homes. When superpositioning becomes a household concept, the language of smell will be considered in more depth.

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