Friday, August 19, 2016

Adventure Scents

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Ah, the rewards of a random internet perusal. I found here a place where you can buy smells to enhance your game-playing. This unique business was founded by a former special education teacher who was looking to add a multisensory experience to game playing. It's hard to find scents for Dragon's Lair and Abandoned Castle on the market, so she started hand-crafting her own. Now players can enhance their board games, RPGs and LARPs.

I’ll take this directly from the site:

“The Adventure Scents line contains funky fragrances based on common adventure locations. We've got your fandom covered with themes from fantasy, science fiction, historical, modern action, and horror.”

You can order Dusty Attic, Ancient Library, Desert Caravan, or Fairgrounds: “Behind the cheerful façade of kettle corn, cotton candy and funnel cakes, lies a dark and twisted secret.”

What I find most interesting is the way they allow you to search for your product – they offer you a handful of "search strategies" such as by adventure location or by a costume. These are useful ways of categorizing smells, but you would never see this in any other market.

And then, they list other ways to enhance your games, including Jelly Belly. It's funny to see, in a world where virtual reality is no longer around the corner but right in front of our face, that the ways to heighten our fantasy experiences are multifaceted and multisensory, not to mention – pretty low-tech, considering.

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