Saturday, August 6, 2016

Revisiting the Motor Cortex

All of the images here represent your somatosensory cortex, the part of your brain that senses and controls the corresponding parts of your body. The goofy image that is forever paired with this concept was illustrated by Dr. Wilder Penfield, and never changed thereafter, until, of course, Joe Scordo did it for Hidden Scents, see below.

The 'Homunculus' illustrated by Joe Scordo for Hidden Scents

Penfield's image is perhaps the most well known in representing the motor cortex. Because of the success of the image, he is confused as having discovered it. It was, in fact, discovered decades earlier.

The Penfield map has changed little in the years since its release. Whether or not scientific diagrams should be updated to withstand current aesthetic considerations is beside the point. The 'Homunculus' illustrated by Joe Scordo for Hidden Scents is another step in the sequence of representation and seriality.

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